Our specialized services encompass the care, development and rental of warehouse and office space. Our address is Punane Street 42 in Tallinn.

The value of real estate is determined by its location and environment. A definite ’'plus’’ for our facility is its location next to a major highway and more than adequate parking for tenants and their clients. The parking lot is guarded by security personnel. The property is serviced by a telephone swichboard and permanent Internet connection. Warehouse and office space is rented directly from the owner.

To guarantee a pleasant work environment for our tenants we regularly develop and enhance the communications, ventilation and other technical systems. At the same time we offer our tenants flexible solutions for space utilization. We continuously enhance the utility of the storage and office spaces.

The company is registered on 4th of June 1996 and on 6th of January 1998 received its exclusive trademark licence from the national patent office.

We look forward to successful and long-lasting relations with our clients.